Water Tanks

Is your water flow slowing down? This might be due to sediment buildup in your tank. Our simple guide will walk you through cleaning, repairing, and replacing water tanks with a JB1 Plumber.

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Common Signs of Water Tank Issues

Spotting trouble with your water tank early can save you a headache; keep an eye out for any unusual changes in your water system. If you notice anything off-kilter, it’s likely time to call in the professionals at JB1 Plumber.

Decreased water pressure

Low water pressure might well indicate your tank demands attention. Accumulated sediment at the tank’s base often restricts water flow, affecting both pressure and efficiency. This could cause pumps to overexert, potentially reducing their working life and upping energy consumption.

Addressing this problem requires sediment removal. Our plumbing experts utilise state-of-the-art procedures to regain peak tank performance. By using anti-corrosion tools and methods like cathodic protection systems, not only are tanks freed from obstructions but they’re also shielded against future sediment buildup.

Routine upkeep will avert pressure issues in the future, ensuring showers remain powerful and taps continue to deliver an uninterrupted flow.

Leaks and flooding

Water tank leaks might seem insignificant at first, but they’re often harbingers of larger troubles looming. If overlooked, a mere drip can magnify into a relentless flow, putting your property in danger of flooding.

Such calamities disrupt daily life and bring about expensive repairs, along with the potential for water damage to your house or business location.

Our team confronts these challenges directly by pinpointing areas where corrosion resistance has diminished. We conduct thorough inspections for any indications that polyethylene linings or fibreglass reinforced plastic may have weakened—these are frequent factors in water tank degradation.

Prompt action paired with skilled repair work ensures we halt leaks before they escalate out of hand, protecting your premises from the hazards of sudden flooding. By engaging our services, you ensure your water storage remains secure without the anxiety of unexpected surges causing havoc on your day—or damaging your property.

Discolored or foul-smelling water

If your taps spew out off-coloured water or a foul odour presents itself each time you turn them on, this could signal corrosion or sediment build-up within your water tank.

Metals like iron may rust as time passes, shedding particles that alter your water’s hue and flavour. Additionally, the presence of bacteria can lead to nasty smells, signalling that it’s high time for a cleanout or repair.

Regular maintenance is crucial to preventing these problems from impacting your household’s water supply. Opting for corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, zinc alloy, or fibreglass-reinforced plastic for tanks promotes durability and purer water.

It may be worthwhile to consider upgrading old systems to glass-reinforced plastics, which resist oxidation and will not add to discolouration or unpleasant odours in your water.

Strange noises coming from the tank

Unusual sounds coming from your water tank can be confusing and cause for concern. These noises often suggest that something is amiss with the system. Gurgling, banging or popping noises might indicate trapped air or parts becoming loose due to rusting or general wear and tear.

Accumulation of sediment at the bottom could also result in odd sounds as it disrupts the water heater’s normal operation.

It’s important to clean your water tank regularly to avoid these unsettling noises. Neglecting sediment can not only create noise but may also damage protective coatings and lead to corrosion of metal components over time.

A properly maintained tank should be devoid of debris and corrosion, ensuring it runs quietly and efficiently. Should you notice any unusual sounds, promptly arranging an inspection can prevent a minor issue from escalating into a bigger problem.

Professional Water Tank Services

Discover the difference with JB1 Plumber’s Professional Water Tank Services, where we tackle every challenge your tank presents to restore efficiency and quality; keep reading to uncover how we can help you.


Ensuring the cleanliness of your water tank is essential for maintaining both water quality and the integrity of the tank. Over time, sediment, algae, and bacteria can build up, which not only affects the purity of your water but also leads to corrosion in materials such as galvanised steel or glass-reinforced plastic.

Our experienced plumbers utilise top-quality equipment and methods to remove these pollutants effectively. They guarantee that every part of your tank – from the inlet to the outlet – is impeccably clean.

Routine servicing helps prevent problems like leaks due to corrosion or blockages from sediment accumulation. Particular care is taken with areas that are susceptible to debris collection, including pipes secured by bolts, electrodes in heating systems, and joints in fibre-glass reinforced plastic tanks.

By ensuring these parts remain clean, we protect them from potential damage and extend your storage tanks’ lifespan.


Our expert plumbers get straight to work on your water tank issues, fixing leaks and mending any damage with meticulous care. Whether it’s a tiny fracture or a significant problem, we confront these challenges directly to ensure your tank is fully operational again.

We utilise materials like hot dipped galvanised steel or glass-reinforced plastics for their strength and longevity, guaranteeing that our repairs last for years to come.

Every repair is customised to suit the specific type of tank you possess, be it FRP tanks or those crafted from polythene—regardless of the material involved, we have it under control.

Our team operates swiftly to reduce downtime so that your water system resumes normal function as promptly as possible. We select superb zinc coatings for metal tanks and sturdy fibreglass-reinforced plastic for other varieties, improving your tank’s defence against future deterioration.


When water tanks are past the point of repair, it’s essential to consider getting them replaced. Our team offers an array of first-rate tanks including hot dipped galvanised steel, glass-fibre reinforced options and various concrete tank types that serve different purposes.

The installation is carried out by proficient plumbers who ensure your new tank is installed impeccably, preparing it for rainwater collection or everyday usage.

Switching to a more modern model can markedly enhance the efficiency and longevity of your water system. Assistance will be provided to select an appropriate tank that fits your specific needs, whether for a domestic dwelling or a business premise.

Depend on us to deliver bespoke solutions with minimal interruption to your current water service during the transition period.


Regular maintenance ensures your water tank remains in excellent working order, helping you sidestep expensive malfunctions. Our skilled technicians look for telltale signs of deterioration such as rust on galvanised steel or damage to glass fibres.

They preemptively replace components before they give out and meticulously clean tanks to avert sediment accumulation. A thoroughly serviced tank delivers optimal performance and has an increased service life.

Arranging routine inspections with our team means steering clear of the inconvenience of urgent repairs. We assess every part, ranging from inlet mechanisms in hot-dip galvanised tanks to the structural soundness of fibreglass-reinforced plastic units.

Rely on our professionals to ensure your water supply remains uninterrupted and runs like clockwork.

Benefits of Professional Water Tank Services

Unlock the full potential of your water system with our expert water tank services—experience purity in every drop and pressure that never falters. Trust us to safeguard your home from unexpected plumbing disasters, ensuring seamless flow and peace of mind.

Improved water quality

Dirty tanks can contaminate the water you use daily, leading to odours or discolouration at your taps. Our skilled plumbers guarantee the complete removal of all sediment, ensuring cleaner and safer water for cooking, cleaning and drinking.

With a comprehensive cleaning utilising cutting-edge techniques, we ensure any harmful contaminants are eradicated.

Regular maintenance of water tanks is essential to prevent bacteria and algae from spoiling your supply. You’re taking a vital step towards impeccable water quality in your home by having your tank looked after with hot-dipped galvanised methods or fibreglass-reinforced plastic where necessary.

Rely on our expertise to improve the clarity and purity of the water running through your pipes – our area of excellence!

Increased water pressure

Boosting your water pressure can dramatically improve any home’s daily activities. Our expert water tank services guarantee that your showers are exhilarating and your taps flow quickly, eliminating the frustration of weak streams.

Removing sediment from the bottom of tanks is crucial; it helps pumps work more effectively, increasing output and reinstating vigorous pressure to your plumbing system.

Consistent upkeep wards off obstructions and maintains unblocked pipes, ensuring reliable performance all the time. A properly serviced tank coupled with high-quality hot-dipped galvanised or glass-reinforced plastic materials ensures you experience a forceful supply of water every time you open a tap or hosepipe.

With our proficiency, relish an enhanced stream without concern for drops in pressure when you need it most.

Prevents costly repairs

Scheduling periodic upkeep for your water tank can ward off costly repairs down the line. Neglecting trivial issues such as drips or unusual sounds may precipitate significant malfunctions, which can be expensive to mend.

Opting for expert maintenance services to keep everything running smoothly is essentially an investment in the well-being of your water tank. This forward-thinking approach guarantees that small glitches are rectified before they grow into financial nightmares.

Identifying potential risks early is crucial for avoiding surprise expenses on urgent plumbing assistance. Our experts excel at detecting problems before they worsen, thus protecting not only your finances but also defending your premises against damage from incidents like flooding due to a compromised tank.

With consistent inspections and cleanings, you can have peace of mind knowing that we aid in averting substantial repair costs while guaranteeing the uninterrupted operation of your water system.

Extends the lifespan of the tank

Regular upkeep and expert water tank services do more than maintain cleanliness – they are vital for increasing your tank’s lifespan. Ensuring that hot-dipped galvanised or fibreglass-reinforced plastic tanks are sediment-free prevents rust and other damage, thereby prolonging their functionality.

This careful attention significantly extends the life of your tank, helping you avoid the expense of early replacement.

Choosing professional cleaning and repair services protects your water system from everyday wear and tear. Tanks looked after by qualified plumbers stay strong against leaks, reducing strain on materials such as galvanised steel or various forms of concrete used in construction.

The durability of these tanks is a clear indication of the protective steps taken at each maintenance session, ensuring they operate effectively for extended periods.

Why Choose Us?

Dive into a seamless plumbing experience with JB1 Plumber, where expertise meets efficiency to tackle all your water tank troubles. Trust us to deliver top-tier services that keep your home’s water system running smoothly without breaking the bank.

Experienced and skilled plumbers

Our team of expert plumbers boasts extensive, hands-on experience in tackling a wide range of water tank problems. They possess the skills to quickly identify and resolve any issue, ensuring your hot-dipped galvanised or fibreglass-reinforced plastic tanks function at their best.

Whether routine maintenance or intricate repairs, our adept professionals manage every task with meticulous care.

Place your confidence in their knowledge to preserve the efficiency of your water systems. Utilising cutting-edge technology and modern methods, they proficiently address everything from rainwater collection systems to the upkeep of traditional galvanised steel tanks.

Dedicated to superior service and thoroughness, these specialists provide solutions that can notably enhance your water quality and pressure.

Efficient and reliable service

Efficiency and reliability are at the heart of our services. You can rely on us to swiftly address any problems with your water tank, whether it requires cleaning, repair or replacement.

We take great pride in completing tasks correctly whilst causing minimal interruption to your everyday life. Our team arrives punctually and works efficiently to restore your system’s effectiveness so you can enjoy clean and strong flowing water without delay.

Our plumbers possess years of expertise in dealing with tanks constructed from galvanised steel, fibreglass-reinforced plastic, and various kinds of concrete. They utilise the most modern tools and methods to guarantee first-rate service at every visit.

There’s no need for concern about recurring issues or inferior work; we uphold our commitment to reliable outcomes that stand the test of time. Whether you’re exploring options for rainwater harvesting or simply looking after your existing setup, rely on us for expert care specifically tailored to meet your requirements.

Competitive Pricing

Maintaining your water tanks in prime condition shouldn’t cost a fortune. Our prices are set to provide you with top-notch service that’s also wallet-friendly. Whether it involves removing sediment from a galvanised steel tank or upgrading an ageing fibreglass-reinforced plastic unit, we ensure you receive great value for your money.

We recognise that every penny is important, and that’s why our rates are competitive without sacrificing our superior standards of craftsmanship. Our services are intended to be economical and we steer clear of unexpected fees.

You get exceptional service at a reasonable price – it’s as straightforward as that.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Our team takes pride in delivering guaranteed satisfaction with every water tank service we provide. We approach each cleaning, repair, and replacement job professionally, ensuring your water tanks function at their best.

You can trust us to handle everything from galvanised steel tanks to those constructed of fibreglass-reinforced plastic. Our promise is simple: we’ll make it right if you’re unhappy with our work.

Customers get peace of mind knowing that our plumbers pay attention to detail and commit to providing solutions that last. We prioritise your comfort and convenience; thus, our services come with assurance of quality performance for all types of concrete water tanks.

With JB1 Plumber, you enjoy improved water quality without any worries about leaks or pressure issues down the line.

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